CoverAmerica - Gold

If your travel destination is the USA, CoverAmerica - Gold is the plan for you.

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Unique Features


Pays 100% After Deductible

Acute Onset of Pre-Existing Conditions

Lost Passport & Travel Documents

Missed Connection Coverage

Border Entry Protection



  • 1$30 Co-pay for Urgent Care Consultation.
  • 2Provides Coverage for Incidental Trips to Canada, Mexico, Latin America, Bahamas & South America
  • 3Extensive PPO Network in US Under United Health Care
  • 4Coverage for Emergency Dental and Vision Treatment
  • 5Up to $1,000,000 in Emergency Medical Evacuation Coverage

How Does it Work?

You can go to any doctor or hospital of your choice. However, it is better to go to a provider within the network for better rates.


After the deductible, the plan pays 100% for covered services, up to the policy maximum. Any amount above the policy maximum is the responsibility of the insured.

$9,000 Hospital BIll
$500 Deductible $100,000 Policy maximum
You pay $500
Insurance pay $8,500
up to policy maximum


Outside the United Health Care PPO Network in the USA, after the deductible is met, the plan pays 80% for the first $5,000 and the 100% up to the policy maximum, for all covered services.

$9,000 Hospital BIll
$500 Deductible $100,000 Policy Maximum
You pay $500
Insurance pay $8,500
up to policy maximum
You pay $1,000
20% of first $5,000 after deductible

PPO Network

Inside USA
The PPO provider for Cover America - Gold is United Healthcare. United Healthcare is an independent organization and a recognized PPO Network by all major hospitals, doctors, and health facilities.

Outside USA
When using your Cover America - Gold plan outside of the United States, you can visit to access a list of participating health service providers within the Seven Corners International Network in addition to country alerts, information, and news to stay updated while you are traveling abroad.

Plan Information

CoverAmerica - Gold is a visitor insurance plan that provides medical insurance coverage and emergency services to non-US citizens and non-US residents traveling to the USA. It also covers for trips to Canada, Mexico, Latin America, Bahamas & South America, while traveling to the USA.

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